We Specialize in Buying and Selling Property in Ohio.


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We are a small real estate investment company located in Springfield, Ohio.  Since 1995, we have specialized in single family houses throughout Clark and Champaign Counties.  One of our missions is to help homeowners avoid foreclosure by aiding in selling their home as a shortsale.  We seek win win situations where we can purchase, rehab, and resell the property to keep our neighborhoods looking stronger. 

If you are a seller looking to sell your home quickly, visit the sell your home page.  If you would like to purchase or rent one of our homes, visit the homes for rent or for sale.  Finally, if you are an investor looking for properties in our area, join our list and we can keep you informed of any properties that we are selling to other investors.  We find more deals than we can possible fix and sell on our own, so we often wholesale them to other local investors.  Visit the investor tab for more information.


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